About us

Sascha Borsi, CEO

Sascha Borsi (born in 1974) has been actively involved in various personal protection teams since 1999, both as a team leader and as a team member

He works for various embassies, royal houses, companies, state and non-governmental organizations. Due to the great experience he gained from inland and abroad through his work, he continued his education and graduated in 2016 from Krav Maga instructors training. At the same time, he attended adult education and completed the SVEB AdA FA-M1 successfully. With his extensive experience in the security sector, he was offered the opportunity to teach at the Elite Guard AG in Zug and at the same time for the organization KMS Switzerland Krav Maga. In order to increasingly work in projects in the field of self-defense (Krav Maga) firearms, sticks, pepper spray and personal protection, he founded in 2017 the company Borsi Consulting, which is dedicated to these topics intensively. He absolved special training with state, military and private institutions in the areas of:

  • Access, overwhelm and capture techniques
  • Tactical shooting training with handgun and long guns
  • Rules of conduct in action
  • Training and graduation in the field of personal protection
  • Krav Maga Instructor with degree (KMS Switzerland)
  • Baton training
  • Defense against knives
Borsi Consulting is a dynamic security and surveillance company. We undertake all manner of assignments regarding security both in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Personal Protection
  • VIP-Protection
  • Conference
  • Property Guarding
  • Protection of valuables

What makes Borsi Consulting the competent partner for you?

  • Expert advice from your personal consultant, from the initial planning and development through to implementation of all securitiy measures.
  • Discreet solutions to individual problems
  • Professionally trained, up to date personnel
  • Competent, Decisive and Efficient Action when it’s needed
  • respectable, well-groomed apperance
  • 24h control centre

Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual offer.